Our Suite OF

Real Estate Advisory Services


Protect your interests

Realize maximum benefits from your real estate investment or financing.

Our Real Estate Advisory Services focus on owners or lenders acquiring commercial property. We assist you with a full range of integrated consulting services for real estate investments.

Whether you are a lender, a developer, or an equity investor, our services protect your interests and assist in realizing the maximum benefit from your real estate investment or financing. Our comprehensive suite of Real Estate Advisory Services include Cost Segregation and Loan Monitoring.

Suite of Services

Real Estate Advisory Services

Cost Segregation

A Cost Segregation study can accelerate depreciation on your building or tenant improvement, increasing cash flow and reducing your taxable income. Our free cost segregation assessment provides a realistic estimate of the tax savings you may be eligible for. Our experienced team has a thorough understanding of tax laws, accounting, construction methods, materials and construction costs.

Loan Monitoring

We offer Construction Loan Monitoring (LM) services nationwide for lending institutions, municipalities, and real estate investors. We aim to provide our clients with an up-front review of the project documents, budget, and schedule. We also offer an ongoing monthly review of the project budget and schedule and inform our clients of any changes or anticipated future changes to the project.