Our Suite OF

Project Controls



Instill effective control measures to mitigate risk and drive efficiencies.

Our full range of integrated project controls install effective control measures to manage risk and drive efficiencies across the entire project. 

Our comprehensive suite of Project Controls includes Cost Estimating, Schedule Management, Project Reporting, and Risk Management. These services enable you to make informed decisions to mitigate risk, drive collaboration, and streamline efficiencies. We utilize various technology platforms to install effective control measures and efficient “real-time” project reporting.

Suite of Services

Project Controls

Cost Estimating

Our systematic approach to developing construction cost estimates allows us to develop reliable and accurate independent cost estimates to significantly mitigate your level of risk. Our estimators use the latest project cost control techniques to establish a realistic budget and carefully monitor your budget as it progresses through each design phase.

Schedule Management

We work to develop a Master Project Schedule to confirm the contractor and all project participants are actively working towards the Owner’s goals. Our technology-driven process utilizes state-of-the-art scheduling software to evaluate, approve and manage the contractor’s schedule during construction.

Project Reporting

Establishing clear lines of communication and project reporting is essential for effective leadership decision-making on significant projects. Our technology-driven process utilizes state-of-the-art project management software to promotes collaboration and transparency among the entire project team and shares real-time project information with all team members.

Risk Management

Developing a project Risk Management Plan (RMP) is essential to project management. We work with the Owner and the different project stakeholders to identify potential project risks. Once they are identified, we analyze, plan, monitor and rank each positive and negative risk impact on the project and develop a strategic plan to control them.