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Owner's Representation & Project Management


From Concept to Creation

We act as your advocate, representing your best interests throughout all project phases.

As your Owner’s Representative, we represent your best interests throughout all project phases. As a result, you’ll have all the tools you need to make informed decisions to reduce risk, drive collaboration and streamline efficiencies across the entire project team.

Our comprehensive suite of Owners Representation and Project Management services includes Owner’s Representation, Program Management, Project Financing, Strategic Planning, Development Services, and Infrastructure Management. Our streamlined, technology-driven approach strategically guides you through the life cycle of your project or program.

Suite of Services

Owner's Representation & Project Management

Owner's Representation

We represent the owner, and act solely in your best interest. As your Owner's Representative, we will work together to establish clear lines of communication, help you make informed decisions and confirm that project team members are working towards achieving your project goals and objectives. We will assist you in successfully delivering your construction project on schedule and on budget.

Program Management

Our detailed Program Management Plan (PMP) provides a road map that drives consistency and efficiency for the delivery of all projects within the program. Engaging with an experienced program manager will ensure budgets, schedules and resources are optimized and risks are professionally managed. With a single point of oversight, baseline standards can be applied, and conflicts can be managed.

Project Financing

Achieve greater speed to market with our efficient approach to project financing (alternate project delivery). We work with you to create a Special Purpose Entity (SPE). This helps eliminate the barriers posed by traditional project delivery methods, resulting in time and cost savings. Our approach allows the Owner to make smart decisions about the key components of delivery – Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Maintain.

Strategic Planning

Our team has proven experience in developing a strategic plan to assist you in delivering your goals and advancing your project vision. We consider people, places, operations and technology, and use a unique combination of intelligence and analytics to achieve stakeholder alignment.

Development Services

We can help you achieve your development goals and objectives. As development and construction consultants, we can guide you in utilizing the most appropriate, cost-effective and flexible project development structure that suits your needs and your project characteristics.

Infrastructure Management

We offer a comprehensive, life-cycle approach to infrastructure management. From a project’s planning and design, bidding, construction and project close out, we can help you manage your municipal and developer-driven projects.