Facility Condition Assessment

PROJECT: Elmwood Park Municipal Building, Elmwood Park, IL

Maximize your investment

Make informed decisions to support building performance and capital improvement planning.

We provide Facility Condition Assessments (FCAs) to help support building longevity, develop informed capital budgets, plan for future operational expenses and prioritize resources.

It is critical to have an accurate understanding of the condition of your facility in order to maximize your investment. Our assessment evaluates your facility and assets, providing a thorough understanding of your short- and long-term capital planning needs. You can identify where opportunities for facility optimizations exist and make informed decisions to support performance over time.

Our FCA delivers a reliable determination of your facility's condition.

Our Approach

Our comprehensive approach to Facility Condition Assessments combines expertise, intelligence, data, and analytics, leading to a robust, reliable determination of a facility’s condition.

Our Facility Condition Assessment evaluates your facility and all assets, providing a thorough understanding of both your short- and long-term capital planning needs. Our team of in-house cost estimators allows us to provide realistic budgets based on our FCA findings, including full project estimates for the improvement costs now and for future replacements.

Our FCA will identify the following items within your facility:

  • Remaining useful life of all major building systems and components
  • System deficiencies
  • Prioritization of building repairs
  • Total building replacement cost

This assessment gives you a view of your facility’s current and projected health, so you can identify potential opportunities for facility optimizations and make informed decisions to support performance over time.

What is a facility condition assessment?

A Facility Condition Assessment is a comprehensive analysis of the physical condition of a facility and its infrastructure or assets in terms of age, design, construction methods, and materials.

It aims to give an accurate picture of where your facility is in terms of its useful operating life, and provides a necessary foundation for capital planning. This enables you to anticipate future needs and make educated decisions to improve your facilities, such as:

  • Optimizing and maintaining the physical condition and value of the facility’s assets
  • Extending asset lifecycles
  • Developing capital budgets without guess work
  • ‘Prioritizing resources
Facilities Compliance

Our Facilities Compliance team focuses on the Environment of Care (EC) and Life Safety (LS) for your healthcare facility. We review your life safety drawings and compare them to the actual environment, identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Facility Condition Assessments. Now Digitized.

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In today’s world, where everything seems to be operated by a smart device, it only makes sense that a FCA should follow suit.

Our Facility Assessment Condition Toolset (FACTs) is a digitized, customizable, interactive platform that presents the assessment results in a manageable deliverable that includes asset locations, asset scores, descriptions, estimated replacement dates, and estimated replacement costs. Additionally, it provides the end user with links to all relevant documentation, like maintenance manuals, drawings, and inspection reports.

Our digital FCA software allows you to continuously update your data, ensuring your information is always current. You can perform future updates in accordance with your working capital improvement plan, meaning your FCA can change in real time as your building conditions evolve.

All in all, this tool allows future updates to be performed in accordance with a working capital improvement plan — meaning your FCA can change in real time as your building conditions evolve.

Maintain and Optimize

Our FCA Process

Our Facility Condition Assessment is typically performed via a customized scope that includes multiple site inspections and audits of all building systems, assets and equipment. We then create detailed estimates for repairs/replacements, develop a capital improvement plan and determine actionable next steps.

01. Review

The Facility Conditions Assessment begins with an interview with stakeholders and documentation review. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are defined and the schedule is set.

02. On-site Audit

The facility assets are identified and deficiencies are documented. Additionally, the on-site team will identify energy savings opportunities, potential safety issues, and review maintenance procedures.

03. Estimate & Analyze

The KPIs will be analyzed and deficiencies will be prioritized by facility needs. Detailed estimating will be completed for replacement cost, repairs, and renovations. Additionally, a capital improvement plan will be developed.

04. Report Findings

The findings will be reported in a digitized visualization engine to display the quantitative and qualitative information found in the study. The report will make an actionable plan forward to financial planning.

Today's Facilities are Facing Many Challenges:

PROJECT: Elmwood Park Municipal Building, Elmwood Park, IL

PROJECT: Elmwood Park Municipal Building, Elmwood Park, IL

Optimize, Plan and Prioritize

What are the benefits of a Facility Condition Assessment?