City of Cedarburg

STH 60 Business Park

Project Size

60 Acres

Project Cost


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Project Description:

Currently, the Business Park – Phase 1 project consists of developing the initial 60-acre lands that are located immediately south of the STH 60 highway. This phase includes the due diligence planning, TIF creation, complete design, permitting, bidding, construction, and project close-out for all public infrastructure improvements. The improvements include wetland mitigation, erosion control, mass grading, roadway, STH 60 intersection, stormwater management, and utility improvements (booster pump, lift station, water distribution, sanitary/storm sewer, street lighting/landscaping, and electric/fiber/gas coordination). Also, the Phase 1 effort needed design understanding of the conceptual planning anticipated for the Business Park – Phase 2 project, approximately an additional
60-acre expansion immediately southwest that is anticipated to be started after Phase 1 construction is complete.

City of Cedarburg

Cedarburg, Wisconsin

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